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Volcanic Pumice Stone


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Natural volcanic pumice stone is a perfect foot scrubbing tool for the exfoliation of dry hard skin and cracked heels. Simply rub your foot stone across your foot in the bath or with your feet gently soaked in warm water. The foot stone will work with your feet to remove dry skin and dead skin cells leaving your feet noticeably smoother.

Volcanic pumice stone is naturally formed from a therapeutic mixture of basaltic minerals, silicon, magnesium and iron. Oxygen is released when the lava is cooling to produce the tiny holes, leaving a stone that will never lose its effectiveness or shape. This simple yet amazing little stone will fit nicely in your hand, is lightweight, and is covered with tiny holes giving you the safest and most natural way to exfoliate dry, dead skin from your body, hands and feet leaving your skin soft and smooth. For use on wet skin.

Before using your volcanic lava foot stone for the first time it is advisable to place it under running water to rinse out any debris that may be in the stone.

Material: Volcanic Lava Stone


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