The Kitchen Starter Set


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The Kitchen Starter Set has everything you need to start your beautiful, sustainable living journey. Swap out the plastic and toxic cleaning products in your kitchen for a healthier, naturally fresh home. This starter set is also amazing value, saving you 10% against buying the products individually.

Kitchen Starter box includes:

Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser Refill Drop – This plant based kitchen cleaner and degreaser is designed to cut through dirt, grease and grime with ease. Just place the refill drop into a clean spray bottle and fill with 750ml water. The refill drop is completely plastic free with a biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free formula. The amazing citrus scent will make your whole kitchen smell amazing.

Ocean Saver Antibacterial Refill Drop – A plant based anti-bacterial surface cleaner from OceanSaver that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Ideal for surfaces where food is prepared, in fridges, high-chairs, toilets, bins and more. The concentrated formula comes in the form of a refill drop that dissolves in water to create up to 750ml of anti-bacterial cleaner, so you can reuse an old bottle to help avoid extra plastic waste. The formula is completely biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free. And has a beautiful Ocean Mist scent.

Amber glass spray bottle with a white trigger x 2 – Perfect for using with water soluble cleaning sachets or your own DIY cleaner recipes.

Compostable Sponge & Scourer Duo Pack – These wonderful sponges with scourers are hygienic, durable and environmentally-friendly. They are great for doing the dishes, cleaning bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops, as well as everyday spills. Perfect for cleaning all around the house. Each sponge can absorb and retain up to 10 times its own weight in water and can last through many tough cleaning jobs! These wonderful sponges are 100% plastic-free – No Microplastics 

Dish Brush with Replaceable Head – Stylish and reusable silicone handle and wooden brush head with natural Tampico bristles. Non-scratch and effective at washing pots, pans, trays, dishes and glass. Plastic-free, vegan and has a replaceable FSC® beech wood head.

Dish Brush Holder – A handy stand for your dish brush. Any dish brush can collect a lot of grime and bacteria if not drained properly. This dish brush holder will help to keep your dish brush dry and last longer. The handy stainless steel tray can also act as a soap dispenser. Dip the brush head into the tray to add the dish soap to the brush. Made with an FSC® certified beech wood base and stainless steel tray.

Replacement dish brush head with Tampico fibre bristles – Tampico is a very robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which grows only in the highlands of northern Mexico. Tampico has great water-retaining properties, is resistant and hard-wearing, and keeps its shape without softening.

A Wooden soap dish – This elegant wooden soap dish, will keep your soap bars well drained. Keeping your soap bars dry between uses isn’t always easy but this little soap dish, with its ladder effect will help prevent your bar from sitting in water, keeping the soap dry and making it last longer. Made from sustainable Hemu wood.

Washing-up Soap Bar 230g – powered by organic plant-based ingredients that are tough on grease yet gentle to your hands. So mild the rinse water can be used on your plants! 100% natural dish washing soap bar which is biodegradable, plastic free and contains No Palm Oil. Made with love in the UK.

Compostable sponge cleaning cloths (pack of Four) – These stylish sponge cloths are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and all around the house. They are hygienic, reusable, fully biodegradable and particularly absorbent and durable. Sponge cloth absorbs liquid quickly and retains up to 10 times its dry weight in water. 100% plastic-free and made of renewable resources.


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