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Lavender Eye Pillow
Lazy Sloth


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Eye pillows are filled with wheat seeds soaked in lavender essential oil and encased in a beautiful cotton sleeve. Warm it to help relax tired eyes or soothe a weary soul. Chill it and place over your eyelids to feel the soothing benefits and reduce puffiness.


This soothing eye pillow is a game-changing tool to help soothe eyes after a strenuous day, or deepen relaxation before sleep or channel your attention during yoga, meditation or massage.                        The eye pillow works by gently moulding to the contours of your face with a light pressure from the weight of wheat seeds soaked in lavender essential oil. Blocking out light, relieving tension and calming the muscles around the eyes. The pillows size and shape ensures pressure is correctly distributed across your eyes for optimal results. Keep it in the freezer to create puffiness-reducing cold compress, or warm it in the microwave to rejuvenate tired eyes.

Dimensions: 23cm x 11cm x 3cm

Materials: Lavender Essential Oil, Wheat, Cotton


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Lazy Sloth”

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