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Buddha Head Oil Burner
Dark Grey


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This beautiful dark grey Buddha head burner is perfect for bringing a sense of calm and zen to your home. It is suitable for both wax melts and fragrance oil. Simply light a tea light under the burner’s bowl to fragrance your space.

This beautiful contemporary ceramic oil burner has a smooth, dark grey finish and makes a perfect accessory in any home. This spiritual Buddha head oil burner can be used with fragrance oils or wax melts to cast soothing fragrance around your home.

Dimensions: H13.5cm X W9cm X D10cm                                                                                                    Material: Ceramic

  • Suitable for use with tealight candles
  • Place fragrance oil or wax melts in the reservoir in the top
  • Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat.
  • Never leave unattended when lit
  • Keep away from children and animals



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Dark Grey”

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