A Bit About Us.


We are delighted you have dropped by to look at ourecohome.co.uk site and love the fact you are either part of, or starting on the eco-lifestyle journey.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can make the transition or continue on their eco-lifestyle journey in a no-drama, hassle free and hopefully fun way.

We want our customers’ experience to be genuine and by that we mean we won’t sell anything we haven’t bought and tried ourselves. Think of it like us recommending an eco-friendly product to a friend or family member and then giving them the place to buy it as well. We want all of our customers to feel part of our journey, like one of our friends or family.

As a family we know we can’t change the world, not on our own anyway, but we want to help as many people as possible make that step from consumerism to a more mindful lifestyle. And that means not only understanding the consequences of some of the choices we make every day but also how we can change them to feel better about ourselves, save money and help save the planet at the same time. Pretty cool huh?


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Small Changes Make A World of Difference.

Ourecohome.co.uk is a family run business that believes that many people making small changes can have a huge impact on both our health and on the health of the world and all the wonderful creatures that live in it.

We all know the consequences of the, mostly uninformed, choices we have all made over the last few decades but there is a chance we can make things better by making small steps to help clean up the planet. Having said that, we are not here to bang the climate change drum in your face. We do that by other means through the charities we support and the events we sponsor and take part in.

There are thousands of brands and products out there but we select those that we think can make the transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle less daunting.  We hope you enjoy the process and the products, besides who doesn’t like trying something new?

We source products that will make it easier to swap out the outdated harmful products that have overtaken our world to more eco-friendly and sustainable products that help us all become more toxin, plastic, waste and cruelty free.

Our suppliers are all based in the UK and the rest of Europe and we aim to source as locally as we can. We try, where possible to work with small businesses who are producing products we think match our customers needs and wants and those that match our ethos and energy.



What's Our Eco Home About?

Ourecohome.co.uk is a place where you can find eco-friendly products and tips to help you continue with or begin your eco-friendly journey. We are not here to bang the eco drum, well, not often anyway. We are all aware of what is happening to the world because of single use plastic and other toxins and pollutants. Our aim is to help you take the steps to a better, healthier lifestyle with small, no hassle swaps, getting rid of old habits bit by bit and try new and exciting alternatives that will help you create a healthier home, help the planet and along the way save some money. We hope you enjoy your experience and hope to see you coming back again and again.

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Tiina 😘

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